Sebastian smiled, realizing just how far he had risen in Grinage’s esteem since those early days. Now totally trusted, he could afford to take risks and create a plan that was so cunning and cleverly crafted that nothing would be able to stop it.

There was a time when Sebastian was first in line for the Zilonian throne, but that time is long past. Now he is King Grinage’s top general and closest confidant. Sebastian gave Grinage the power he needed to conquer the Zilonian kingdom by turning over a powerful medallion, and this betrayal came at an incredible cost.

Drenched in his beloved’s blood, Sebastian gave himself over to the Sheevali kingdom to wash himself clean. But the loss of his precious Jasmine is just as potent now as it was years ago. Losing his family is nothing compared to his loss that fateful day.

Now Sebastian places his hopes in his son and on the impending marriage of Antuan to Princess Isabella. Sebastian must secure Antuan’s future to honor the memory of his Jasmine. Nothing else matters but that long-dead love.

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