I am an avid reader and always enjoy picking up a good book. The Lost Twins of Zilonia did not disappoint. It is a highly entertaining read and instantly captivates you into the magical world of Zilonia, filled with enchanting characters and unexpected turns of events.

Margarita Kouznetsova has such a creative and imaginative way of writing, it’s nearly impossible not to grow attached to the characters and their story. The Lost Twins of Zilonia is a wonderfully appealing fantasy for all ages and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

– Annemarie K


Upon reading this book, I found the storyline to be a page turner and action packed with the adventures of two sets of twins.  Filled with their scary escapades and an ultimate showdown for survival for themselves and their family. The book is filled with magical powers, finding strength in their love, and set in a fantasy magical wondrous world.

Twins of Zilonia

A set of coming of age separated twin girls each in another reality,  mystical powers, banished royal bloodlines, an evil wicked king and other mysterious characters in this wondrous tale of the journey of good versus evil, a royal family and of the ultimate sacrifices to ensure the true royal family line prevails.

The book is an intriguing story of twin girls separated since birth for their own protection. One twin has grown up in a normal world of school, summer camp, a devoted brother and loving parents.  She totally unware of her true nature and powers.  Suddenly, her world is turned upside down and a mystical manifestation changes her life and her brother’s life forever.

The other twin girl has lived in another magical and mystical dimension, hiding with her older twin brothers from the evil king of the realm in a rural outland. In this world, royals have mystical powers and as the years went by the girl’s powers became stronger each year.   Her twin brothers have protected her and a surrogate father ensured they all had the bare necessities to get by.   Unexpectedly, a terrible incidence takes place leaving her all alone.

The story continues with the two sets of twin’s journey of exciting clashes and escapades that change the course of all their lives forever and to those people around them whom love them.

 – Pam.


When I read this book I absolutely loved it.  Action, action and action. I couldn’t put it down until I was done with it. Great plot, full of lessons and unexpected twists. Read it, you will enjoy it.

– V.

An exciting, attention-grabbing first novel which captures the imagination and draws the reader into a fantasy-filled world where nothing is as it seems. Deep mystery, magic and intense danger surrounds the main characters at every turn. Well-worth the read.

 – Annette Young

The Lost Twins of Zilonia has so much to love about it: there’s fantasy, adventure, mystery, romance–even a magical cat (my favorite). There’s something in this novel for everyone. I was entertained from start to finish, and I’m sure you will be too.

– Rebecca M.