It was a mark, an unspoken threat, yet sufficient to warn of the dangers to come.

800px 72dpi (10)There is something very strange about the old woman who lives next door to Jack and Lisa. She sits outside all day watching the neighborhood and always seems to have her nose in everyone’s business. That’s why it’s so strange to Lisa when Ms. Solunski disappears, leaving no trace of where she’s gone.

Even stranger still is the inside of Ms. Solunski’s house. When Jack and Lisa go inside to investigate the woman’s disappearance, they find her walls covered in vivid paintings, not the least of which is the mysterious image of a fantastic castle and a serpent medallion.

The intrigue surrounding Ms. Solunski only deepens when that very painting transports Jack and Lisa to another land. Who is this bizarre woman, and what are her plans for Jack and Lisa?

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