Lisa straightened her back and strode down the sidewalk, ignoring Jack’s order to come back right now.

Lisa can’t believe her luck. She’s just about to leave for summer camp for the first time, and her big brother Jack will be there at her side. Little does she know, but this camping trip will become the biggest adventure of her life.

After tumbling into the Zilonian kingdom, the beautiful, blonde pre-teen discovers that she has magic powers and a huge destiny. With her twelfth birthday rapidly approaching, Lisa has to grow into her powers quickly or everything she knows and loves could be lost forever.

To triumph over King Grinage’s evil plans, meek little Lisa must become a powerful princess. She has a tough road ahead of her, but with her newfound family and Jack by her side, Lisa learns that she is capable of magic beyond her wildest dreams.

In the end she must decide between loyalties to the brother she’s always known and the family she just gained. She’ll make a surprising choice.

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