You know I’m more the rugged outdoors huntsman-handyman type.” He then turned to Orion and, flexing his right bicep with the hammer held high, said, “Come now, you wouldn’t want this chiseled physique to go to waste in front of a stove, would you?”

While Kace and Orion may look identical, they couldn’t be more different from each other. Kace is brash and bold; Orion is thoughtful and rational. But it’s their differences rather than their similarities that make these brothers an excellent team. When Kace needs to slow down instead of rushing headlong into danger, Orion is there to talk him down. And when Orion needs that extra push to act in the moment, Kace offers friendly encouragement.

Nowhere do the boys’ complementing personalities shine through better than in their powers. They overcome obstacles and escape dangerous situations by working together and playing off of each other’s strengths.

And with the dangerous road ahead of them, Kace and Orion are going to need all of the teamwork they can muster.

With their naturally cautious nature, the brothers must learn to trust and accept help from others—even if it comes from their enemy’s closest connection. There is a price for everything.

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