Will I?” Jack shoved the last bite of breakfast into his mouth; he stood up and slung his bag over one shoulder. He shot Lisa a playful grin, and she gave him a mock pout in response. “Of course I’ll stay by you. And to prove it, I even have a surprise for you.”

JackWith dark, tousled hair and sparkling green eyes flecked with blue, Jack is one seriously hunky high schooler. He’s ready for his last summer away at camp and the beautiful girls he hopes to find there. Jack has just one problem—he’s stuck watching over his kid sister Lisa on her first summer away from their family. But Jack steps easily into his role as protector when this tiny annoyance turns into real adventure as he follows Lisa through a magical painting into a new and mysterious world.

There Jack gets a bigger and more exciting summer vacation than he ever could have dreamed up himself. He encounters magic, strange creatures, and beautiful princesses who have her own agenda in mind. He may have found the romance he was hoping for, but can he trust her?

In the exciting new world of Zilonia, Jack must maneuver through lies and intrigue to uncover the parentage he never knew.

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