Grinage stroked his short beard as he strode his stocky frame about the room and considered the etchings and their meaning. Intelligence flashed in his piercing black eyes, but the rest of his countenance was indecipherable. His tendency for wild outbursts encouraged those around him to work with cold efficiency. He liked to control everything and everyone, leaving forgiveness to those who didn’t command an entire kingdom.

6King Grinage would like nothing more than to just be left to rule his new kingdom exactly as he likes. But it’s hard to run an effectively oppressive government when the old rulers keep popping up. To achieve his goal of becoming the most powerful man in history, Grinage has to destroy the legendary twins from the Zilonian family. He must capture them before it is too late with a cunning plan; his cruelty has not limit.

Lost for years now, the twins are the only thing standing between Grinage and his dream of ultimate power. His obsession with the twins legend drives his actions and even determines his daughter’s future. But that’s a small price to pay for such a large reward.

Grinage will stop at nothing in his quest for more power. Will he succeed in destroying the Zilonian family for good?

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