Once, the Zilonia Kingdom lived in harmony, love, and prosperity. Just when an ancient legend predicting the birth of two sets of royal twins and the creation of an absolute magical power is on the brink of coming true, evil King Grinage swoops in and conquers their land. The noble twins were separated to ensure their safety. Their parents, the King and the Queen, were locked up in a hidden cave while Grinage turned Zilonia into his own private playground, stealing magic and transforming people into fountains for his secret agenda.

Jack and Lisa accidently discover a hidden portal to a mysterious world on their way to camp. Completely unaware of the adverse consequences, they find themselves transported to a strange new place that turns out to be more connected to them than the home they left. There they bewilderingly encounter identical twins and their little sister. A deep, dark secret is unveiled.

The siblings learn that everything they knew about themselves was a lie. Now, it’s up to them and their newfound family to save their parents and the entire Zilonia kingdom–all the while fulfilling a destiny they didn’t know they had.

Unexpected twists of fate constantly surround the kids and the one person–the evil king’s daughter–who has the most to lose will change the course of existence for the Zilonia Kingdom forever. When she’s forced to make a difficult decision, will her instincts be right?