Lisa straightened her back and strode down the sidewalk, ignoring Jack’s order to come back right now. Lisa can’t believe her luck. She’s just about to leave for summer camp for the first time, and her big brother Jack will be there at her side. Little does she know, but this camping trip will become [...]


Will I?” Jack shoved the last bite of breakfast into his mouth; he stood up and slung his bag over one shoulder. He shot Lisa a playful grin, and she gave him a mock pout in response. “Of course I’ll stay by you. And to prove it, I even have a surprise for you.” With [...]


Alexa looked at them, curiosity mingled with distrust. She frowned and then sighed, “All right, I guess I can decide what to believe after you tell me your story.” As far as Alexa remembers, her life has always included her twin brothers, Kace and Orion, her old uncle, Bruno, and the shack they share in [...]


You know I’m more the rugged outdoors huntsman-handyman type.” He then turned to Orion and, flexing his right bicep with the hammer held high, said, “Come now, you wouldn’t want this chiseled physique to go to waste in front of a stove, would you?” While Kace and Orion may look identical, they couldn’t be more [...]


You idiot!” Bella screamed. “This only makes me hate you more!” King Grinage has plans for Isabella, but she’s not going to follow them willingly—even if Grinage is her father. With the weight of her parents’ hopes placed firmly on her shoulders, Bella acts in her own best interest when no one else will. Her [...]


Grinage stroked his short beard as he strode his stocky frame about the room and considered the etchings and their meaning. Intelligence flashed in his piercing black eyes, but the rest of his countenance was indecipherable. His tendency for wild outbursts encouraged those around him to work with cold efficiency. He liked to control everything [...]


At that moment, Antuan looked at Jack and his face spasmed into an angry snarl. For a moment, their eyes locked and narrowed in mutual contempt. “I don’t know why you bother, flower boy. You have no chance against me.” Antuan is just about to get everything he ever wanted. As the son of the [...]


It was a mark, an unspoken threat, yet sufficient to warn of the dangers to come. There is something very strange about the old woman who lives next door to Jack and Lisa. She sits outside all day watching the neighborhood and always seems to have her nose in everyone’s business. That’s why it’s so [...]


Sebastian smiled, realizing just how far he had risen in Grinage’s esteem since those early days. Now totally trusted, he could afford to take risks and create a plan that was so cunning and cleverly crafted that nothing would be able to stop it. There was a time when Sebastian was first in line for [...]


My poor, precious girls. I won’t let anything happen to you. Gretuala is the tall, staunch principal of the girls’ magic school. Just like the stone walls surrounding her beloved Fairyton Institute, Greta has built a fortress around her past. She spends her days molding the minds of the young and remembering her Zilonian heritage [...]