Learning Kindness

  • Learning Kindness

  • Learning Kindness

    Adolescence can be like an emotional roller coaster. Even the most sensitive or valiant kid can be cruel or bullying at times. But when something real comes along, a person’s true colors show through. Two of the characters in my novel go through a similar transformation. They begin as bullies that seem as hateable as [...]

    Trusting Family

    Even when kids make questionable decisions, it doesn’t always mean that they are wrong. In the story, the conflicted feelings and the challenges the protagonists have to endure allow them to realize the true meaning of the word “family.” One of the most dramatic moments in the novel is when both sets of twins are [...]

    The Right Thing

    What if your survival instinct tells you to walk away, but your conscience urges you to do the right thing? Even though you know it could jeopardize your plans and the future of all your loved ones, the conscience can be an incredibly insightful force–if you know how to listen to it. One of the [...]

    Family Is Always There

    When you think your world is falling apart, think of your family. They are your immovable bedrock that you can lean on unconditionally for any support. Sometimes, it is easier to share the burden with a sibling and receive guidance from them, but most importantly, you do not feel alone. It is hard to imagine [...]

    The Power of Family

    The overwhelming power of twins and the intricate emotional dynamics between them can help us better understand the value of deep family ties. In the novel, the deep connection that the twins experience, especially in distressing circumstances, is extraordinary. All their senses are heightened, and a protective aura blossoms and enables their minds to interact [...]

    Dealing with Bullies

    Bullying is a huge topic in schools right now. We’ve all heard stories of young people being pushed to their emotional brink by harsh treatment. One of the main characters in Zilonia is a huge bully. Everything he does is intended to either break someone emotionally or bend their actions to his will. Just like [...]

    A Magical Connection

    People are always captivated by twins; we all hear fascinating stories about their special bond and their ability to communicate with each other. If you think the connection between one set of twins is remarkably complex, then one can only fathom the kind of whirlwind force between two sets of twins in the same family. [...]

    Learning Consequences

    It would be ideal if our children listened to their parents, stayed out of trouble, and always did the right thing. But the reality is that kids are curious by nature; they are developing their own personalities and can’t always tell right from wrong. In that moment of doubt and curiosity, who will help them [...]


    Lisa straightened her back and strode down the sidewalk, ignoring Jack’s order to come back right now. Lisa can’t believe her luck. She’s just about to leave for summer camp for the first time, and her big brother Jack will be there at her side. Little does she know, but this camping trip will become [...]


    Will I?” Jack shoved the last bite of breakfast into his mouth; he stood up and slung his bag over one shoulder. He shot Lisa a playful grin, and she gave him a mock pout in response. “Of course I’ll stay by you. And to prove it, I even have a surprise for you.” With [...]