At that moment, Antuan looked at Jack and his face spasmed into an angry snarl. For a moment, their eyes locked and narrowed in mutual contempt.

“I don’t know why you bother, flower boy. You have no chance against me.”

AntuanAntuan is just about to get everything he ever wanted. As the son of the kingdom’s highest general, Sebastian, he has had constant access to the Sheevali elite. Now King Grinage is almost ready to announce Antuan’s betrothal to Princess Isabella, and Antuan is preparing for a major social upgrade—at least he was.

A rival for Bella’s heart appears on the eve of the engagement announcement, and now Antuan’s perfect future is falling apart piece by piece. Everywhere he turns, Zilonian royals are popping up and trying to destroy everything Sebastian had promised him since he was a child. How dare they!

Antuan will stop at nothing to destroy anyone who gets in his way. Nothing will come between him and his royal aspirations—not even if he has to destroy his own family.

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