Alexa looked at them, curiosity mingled with distrust. She frowned and then sighed, “All right, I guess I can decide what to believe after you tell me your story.”

AlexaAs far as Alexa remembers, her life has always included her twin brothers, Kace and Orion, her old uncle, Bruno, and the shack they share in a remote part of the forest. But the stories that Bruno tells her about her family and where they once lived speaks of a tragic past.

The king in the Sheevali kingdom is desperately seeking out Alexa, Kace, and Orion, and Alexa and her brothers are in search of their lost sister. But Alexa is only a young girl—not yet twelve—and she’s still learning to control her own magic powers.

With Kace and Orion there to help and protect her, Alexa will grow into a strong-willed young lady with more power than she could ever imagine. Before she becomes the girl she’s destined to be, Alexa will lose everything she holds dear. But out of the ashes of her happy forest life will rise the family she lost and the life she was fated to have.

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